About Us

We are Men In The Kitchen Limited. Producers of a television magazine programme on cooking healthy natural food especially soup. We source ingredients to make healthy soup from different parts of Nigeria and Africa. Preparing it in the way our forefathers did without artificial seasoning. Men in the Kitchen is venturing into terrain where one could quite describe as a Call To Duty. We are proud to speak the language of healthy food to all.

Our Vision

To be the leading outfit pioneering the return to the traditional African dietary lifestyle that made our forefathers experience longevity. We believe that what you eat has a lot to do with who you are. Therefore our crusade drops junk and fast food to the least on dietary priority list.

Our Mission

• Re-enacting yesteryears good health through healthy foods. • To act as the most reliable outlet where quality private and commercial cook/chef are trained. • To act as a practical encyclopedia of nature aligned healthy food recipes. • To be able to outsource company corporate and individual cook using our well groomed trusted cook/chef.

Our Channel of Transmission

We have 3 well defined means of transmitting our vision to Africans.

  • Television programing. Here we shall transmit a 30mins recorded programme on NTA2 Channel 5 Lagos. This transmission is on terrestrial as well cable. GOTV channel 114 and the VHF channel. It is broadcast every Wednesday on the family belt of 8:30pm – 9:00pm on NTA2 with a repeat broadcast on Friday 10.30am to 11.00am on DSTV 369, Startime 104 and GOTV 114.
  • Training at our well-equipped audio-visual training center at our office in Lekki.
  • Aggressive online updates and interaction with our clients and followers using our various online channels and handles.

Our Prospective Clients

  • Corporate organizations
  • Private individuals
  • House wives
  • Students seeking for practical experience
  • Hotels and other hospitality outlets
  • Catering Schools

Our Prospective Partners and Sponsors

  • Manufacturers of food and allied products
  • Restaurants specializing in African delicacies
  • Multinationals and Corporate Organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Hotels and hospitalities/tourism outlets.
  • Individuals

Business Summary

Having taken an in depth view of the importance of food to man and the role of healthy food in the life of man, we are poised to educating and enlightening our society through Tele-viewing on the need for ideal food. The type of food we eat is important to the type of health we desire. Our fore fathers enjoyed longevity due to the type of food they eat. Today we delight in artificial and GMO facilitated fruits and vegetables. Junk food is on the increase and several diseases are linked to such foods. We are determined to redirect the narrative. Put together those forgotten foods from different part of Nigeria. We prepare our meals without artificial seasoning to eliminate the glutamate in our soup. Since we can't do this alone, we engage in training programs that will give practical training to those willing to learn cooking skill using our well experienced Chef. Our Environment is equipped with modern cooking utensils to make for hygienic food preparation.